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e-Health working group 2022 kick-off meeting

On February 18th, the e-Health working group of the French Healthcare Alliance has held its 2022 kick off meeting in ADEN Shanghai office and online.

Among 17 members, 11 companies were represented. This working group session started with an introduction of the French Healthcare Alliance in China by its co-president Mr. Olivier DESSAJAN, followed with a presentation of the e-health working group purpose and business objectives by the 2 co-leaders of the working group Mr. Charles BARK and Mr. Tom ROBERT. Each members could then introduce themselves, define their e-health value proposition and share their challenges & objectives for China. It was finally the opportunity to discuss the 2022 events agenda.

If you are a French e-health company already operating in China or planning to enter the market, feel free to contact us to know more about this group!