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On September 17, the French Healthcare Alliance (FHA) held its 9th plenary meeting at the French Embassy in Beijing. Around 75 participants representing a wide range of health-related industries and companies participated in this networking event and roundtables.

Olivier Richard, Minister Counsellor at The French Embassy congratulated the vibrant community of French healthcare companies operating in China and emphasized the key role they play in furthering the rich cooperation between France and China in the field of healthcare.

The FHA’s co-presidents, Anne Bruant (French Embassy), Benoit Colinot (Business France) and Olivier Dessajan (Colisée group) gave a brief overview of the FHA’s objectives and upcoming activities. In this context, they reminded the audience that the FHA’s activities and development depend also strongly on its members’ involvement and initiatives.

The FHA also invited 13 industry experts to provide the audience with their insights and experiences in dealing with the current pandemic situation.


The first session was devoted to the economic impact of the Covid-19. Jean-Marc Fenet, Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs at the French Embassy, insisted on the Chinese economic resilience. Eric Shao, from the consulting company IQvia, highlighted the emerging trends and opportunities in the different healthcare markets due to the current situation.

A first panel moderated by Benoit Raoult (Jumo Partners) gathering speakers from Aden (Jackie Zhou), Ipsos (Wu Xiaoran) and Sanofi (Guilhem Granier) looked at the impacts of the pandemic on working habits and illustrated those changes with some examples of new organizational models (team work, working environment, etc.).

Then, the last panel dedicated to the patient / doctor relationship brought together experts from bioMérieux (Lu Guoping), PWC (Xu Jia), and Raffles Medical (Sonia Jutard-Bourreau). Moderated by Eric Bouteiller (Jumo Partners), it showed the evolution of this relation in terms of information, prevention, diagnostic and medical follow-up.


A big THANKS to the steering committee of the FHA for organizing this event, to the French Embassy for hosting it, to PWC for its kind support and to all the attendees and speakers!