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France is internationally renowned for its healthcare system and a long tradition of hospitality. For the first time, the healthcare possibilities in France are being presented in an informational brochure for patients around the world.

France is a wellspring of medical innovation. Our teams of doctors and researchers, trained according to the most rigorous standards, are behind some of the world’s most important discoveries in a variety of therapeutic fields. To make its expertise available to all, France has decided to consolidate its care infrastructure for individuals seeking medical treatment in our country.

Making the choice to be away from one’s family to obtain the best treatment is never easy. Moreover, such a decision is often made when a patient is in pain or distress and with great urgency. It is essential that every stage of this decision-making process be made as simple as possible, whether it be in terms of finding the most suitable facility, preparing administrative requirements or planning the trip for the patient and family members. France now has a system in place to assist patients during this difficult time and facilitate their care from start to finish so they can focus on healing.

Access to French healthcare is now much easier, with a facilitated health visa process, improved hosting conditions for patients and their families, tailored services, and specially trained staff available if needed.

Patients who do not have access to the care they need in their home countries can now receive medical treatment and care that meets their quality, cost and hospitality expectations. And perhaps the bounty of treasures that can be found all around the country can further heal patients who have chosen to come to France for their treatment.