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Launch of Legrand’s Healthcare Systems in China

Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, recently announced the launch of its new nurse call system and elderly care offers into China.

Legrand’s nurse call systems provide nursing staff with real time information and prioritize calls according to time and urgency level. These nurse call units also encompass traceablity software to allow hospital management to track and monitor all the time points when patient issues a call, when nurse arrives on site and when the care work is completed. The whole process can be recorded into the event log to help optimize the productivity of the nursing team.

These antimicrobial nurse-call system products are manufactured using the latest technology for optimum hygiene, the prevention of dirt accumulation and easy cleaning. To reduce the risk of transmission of infections, all components are treated using Ag+ silver ions, which eliminate 99.99% bacteria.

“We believe these newly-introduced solutions can meet current healthcare needs and can also accommodate future developments and requirements.” says Pascal Stutz, CEO of Legrand China. “All systems are designed for premier hygiene levels, effective communication and immediate acknowledge between patients and nursing staff, which bring real values to healthcare institutions.”

Legrand TeleMedCare(TMC) Health Monitor is part of a new system that includes the device, peripherals, communication with the database. Specially designed for monitoring for chronic patients, reducing health costs. Designed for use in primary care clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies and conveniently and quickly massive data collection.

TeleMedCare devices emphasize easy of use, compact and ergonomic design. It has a large touch screen that guides the person in management. It is multi-user and includes biometric recognition through the user’s fingerprint. It also has integrated mechanisms for measuring vital signs such as blood pressure, electrocardiograph, spirometer, pulse oximeter and scale, and, it is possible to introduce manually measurements of glucose, temperature, INR and cholesterol. HL7 compatible.

The main aim for Legrand Telecare System is to improve the quality of life for the older and disabling people giving them the opportunity of an independent living. The products have been developed to increase the user´s security and independence. Either by pressing the alarm button at the front or by activating a portable trigger, the phone can make a call to an alarm central or relative. After the alarm call is received a loudspeaker conversation is established using a sensitive microphone. NEO may be used together with several accessories, such as infrared detectors and bed alarms.