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On Thursday, October 22nd, from 5.00 to 6.00 pm, the French Healthcare Alliance in China held an event about Infectious disaease management during a prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to our speakers Dr. CAO Qing (Director of infectious diseases department, Shanghai Children's Medical Center),
Dr. Julien TEXTORIS (Vice president, Global medical affairs, BIOMERIEUX) and moderator Mr. Eric BOUTEILLER (Founding chairman FHA & JUMO Partners)

Here are the key takeaways:

- diagnostic is core to ensure proper management of infectious diseases
- speed and quantity of testing is core to the successful Chinese strategy in managing Covid19. Dr Cao shared that after detection of two positive cases without symptom, over than 140,000 people were tested in Qingdao in 6 days and the case was successfully closed.
- the arrival of vaccines against Covid19 will still require a huge number of diagnostic in order to monitor the effectiveness (duration) of it.
- Dr Textoris said that although diagnostics are instrumental in (or contribute directly to) more than 60% of medical decisions, they represent less than 5% of health care costs.
- beyond current crisis, Sepsis (severe infection) is a global health priority according to WHO, and mis-diagnostic lack of diagnostic contribute greatly to Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR)

Feel free to register to our next webinar on Chronic diseases scheduled on Dec 17th.